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Compass Cove – Myrtle Beach

Last week, we ventured out on our 2nd family vacation. We decided that it would be fun to take the kids to Myrtle Beach! Having honeymooned there a few years ago – we wanted to show them the different attractions and restaurants we visited while on our honeymoon.

On our honeymoon, we were lucky to have the chance to use a timeshare provided by the best man’s family. It was a quiet and cozy resort with a nice golf course.

However, this time we wanted to stay at the beach!

Choosing hotel accommodations can be a little scary when you haven’t actually visited the location previously or have any recommendations from friends.  researched each hotel along the beach and after two long months, I finally decided on Compass Cove.

Though everything seemed lovely and there were a lot of swimming options to entertain the kids – I was still nervous! In fact, I’m always nervous when making resort or hotel reservations if I haven’t experienced it first hand.  It turned out to be a fantastic stay!

Our room had a balcony that overlooked the beautiful sandy beach. Even though it was vacation, we set our alarms each morning so we could watch the sunrise over the ocean.  I love remembering those moments! Sitting on our balcony – sipping our coffee and watching as the dark sky gave way to sunlight.  I almost wish we could do that every day.

Compass Cove Myrtle Beach Hotel Resort
Compass Cove also had several pools along with a lazy river.  Our littlest one, a toddler, really enjoyed the pool with the submarine and other things to entertain kids.

The kid’s area was large enough to entertain them for quite some time while I relaxed at the side of the pool and kept an eye on them.

As you can see, the water in the kid’s area was not deep – which I loved! They are old enough and the water was shallow enough that they could walk around on their own and find something to entertain each of them.

Myrtle Beach Compass Cove Hotel Resort

I think Joey liked the lazy river most. He spent quite a lot of time simply sitting on his inner tube and floating quietly along. That wasn’t in the kid’s area – but he enjoyed it and spent a lot of time floating around with me.

We never ventured into the indoor water slides – but they looked like a lot of fun! We weren’t sure if the kids could yet fully enjoy that type of water attraction.

Compass Cove Myrtle Beach Hotel Resort

Compass Cove was a perfect choice for our first family vacation in Myrtle Beach.  We had great service when we needed something and it was a fantastic location!

Compass Cove offered a lot for us to do – and it fit within our budget!

I loved that we had a mini-kitchen where I was able to bring food with us (or purchase once we arrived).  This really helps to keep the vacation budget down and allows us more time at the resort enjoying the amenities and beach!

If we venture back to Myrtle Beach – I will definitely check on the availability of Compass Cove. I may even check on the availability of the room we stayed in – it had an ocean-front view! Getting up in the mornings to watch the sunrise over the ocean with my husband is one of my favorite memories of our trip.

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